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Our vision

According to wikipedia, a cockpit or flight deck is the area, usually near the front of an aircraft or spacecraft, from which a pilot controls the aircraft.

In the context of Plug'in, the aircraft represents the network and the pilot is the operation person. Our vision consists of creating an immersive cockpit where the pilot will be inside the network and execute opertation as if he where playing a game.

To reach this goal, many players are put together:

  • - Network architects
  • - Game designers
  • - Developpers
  • - Operationals
  • - Communication experts

The following figure illustrates a 3D Augmented Reality Map of the London city, presented in the CASA Smart Cities Conference, 2012. The Map presents occupation densities of both office and retail (for more infos, visit: this post).

3D Augmented Reality Map of the London city

Now, what if the blue and yellow blocks are now representing servers (physical or virtual) of our datacenters? What if each block may hold information about resource consumption, installed applications, available bandwidth, latency, status, etc. ?

Currently we are studying this problem in order to identify the most important KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) that we need to see in this model and at which level.

IoT Explorer

The IoT Explorer is an Orange Labs proof of concept that was presented at the SROL'16. Its goal is to present a new way of interaction with connected things.

Orange IoT Explorer
Orange IoT Explorer
ASTER Project: Research Design applied to air traffic control

The Intactile DESIGN startup in Montpellier-France has worked on the design of new tools for air traffic control. They proposed a touchscreen to replace existent « strips » papers. These papers were used to extchange information between « organic controllers » and « radar controllers ».

According to their website, 10 minutes is the time needed to get along with the ASTER dashboard, which represents a good indecator of passing from Research to Production.

ASTER Project