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The 5G infrastructure as a code for research projects.



The sandbox will be achieved using tools to provide the infrastructure to end users (ex. researchers, developers, testers, operationals, integrators, etc.). It also facilitates the construction of software stacks and their integration as well as the configuration and the supervision of the system.


Experimental 5G System

Plugin is a platform for experimenting 5G and will be built on top of convergent network/IT infrastructure. Therefore, Plugin provides developers and operationals an evolving sandbox, in which 5G components will be instantiated, tested, chained, etc. Plugin is co-designed with the internal research projects (Orange) and the external communities partnership.


CNCF Compliant

The shift from the cloud ready to cloud native, from VM to container, from MANO to Kubernetes, etc is mandatory since there is a risk that 5G remains a niche connectivity gap-filler largely ignored by cloud applications and services boom if another better model is not adopted - 5GPPP Software Network Working Group: From Webscale to Telco, the Cloud Native Journey - White paper



One of the main goals of Plugin, is to define, with operationals, which will be the 5G Cockpit and prepare for the administration of the future telco system. Learn more about the Cockpit